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PC Recovery Box shot. Allow end users to make their own factory restore image

Windows 2003, 2008 & 2000 Server; 32 & 64 bits

Ultima Versione:7.02

PC Recovery gives end user ability to create their own PC factory image any time

PC Recovery™

Ripristina completamente il PC con la semplice pressione di un tasto!

PC Recovery™ consente di effettuare il backup dell'intero sistema, inclusi sistema operativo, drivers e tutte le applicazioni in una partizione nascosta. Gli utenti possono ripristinare facilmente il proprio sistema alle condizioni originali semplicemente con un semplice click, o grazie ad un CD/DVD di ripristino.

check Consente di creare la propria immagine di ripristino personalizzata in una partizione nascosta, caratteristica unica nel suo genere.
check Ripristina il PC alla propria immagine personalizzata senza perdere gli aggiornamenti di Windows né i propri files
check L'Hot-key per il ripristino è disponibile in ogni momento, anche in viaggio
  • Crea la propria personale immagine di ripristino per notebook, workstations, e PC
    Con PC Recovery, è possibile creare la propria immagine di installazione/ripristino OEM-like con pochi click.

  • Possibilità di aggiornare la propria immagine di backup dopo aver settato una condizione sicura di ripristino
    Ad esempio è possibile aggiornare l'immagine di ripristino archiviata nella partizione nascosta dopo aver trascorso ore o giorni per aggiornare il proprio sistema a Windows 7.

  • Ripristino attraverso Hot-Key
    E' possibile ripristinare il proprio sistema premendo un apposito tasto senza dover avere predisposto alcun supporto di ripristino (es. CD/DVD)

  • Creazione di DVD di ripristino
    Effettua il restore del proprio sistema utilizzando dei DVD di ripristino

  • Interfaccia utente estremamente intuitiva con guida passo-passo
    Interfaccia utente estremamente semplice che consente anche alle persone con poca dimestichezza in campo informatico di utilizzare il software

  • Supporto Tecnico gratuito
    Grazie ad uno staff dedicato al supporto tecnico, è possibile richiedere aiuto durante l'utilizzo dei prodotti Farstone.

Caratteristica/Funzione DriveClone Express
TotalRecovery™ Express
DriveClone Pro
TotalRecovery™ Pro
PC Recovery
PC Recovery

Windows 7, 2000, XP, and Vista; (32 & 64 bit) check check check check
Windows 2000 Server, 2003 Server, Windows 2008; (32 & 64 bit) check
Backup dell'intero sistema o partizione su file immagine in Windows check check check
Backup di file selezionati o di tutti i files e cartelle check
Backup  incrementale      check check
Backup dell'intero sistema o partizione su file immagine fuori da Windows check check
Continuous Data Protection con ripristino da Snapshot (undo) check  
Viaggio nel tempo - Ripristina istantaneamente da un crash di sistema o dall'infezione di un virus in un minuto check  
Schedulatore di backup multipli        check check
Supporto VMware P2V - Phisical to Virtual check
Clona intero hard disk o partizione       check check
Preview e consultazione di una immagine di backup     check check check
Universal Restore verso hardware/sistema differente       check check
Crittografia AES e protezione con password check check
Supporto file aperti check
Cancellazione sicura dei dati (Standard US DoD 5220.22-M)     check  
Supporto HDD, RAID, dischi USB esterni, IEEE-1394 (Firewire), CD/DVD, Network drive, NAS, iSCSI, e FTP server check check
Comandi Pre/Post esecuzione e notifiche email       check
Hardware e Software RAID 0/1/5/10/JBOD     check check
Gestione delle quote check
Tool di restore dei files per ripristinare files da un sistema andato in crash check check
Ricerca con Google Desktop incorporata  check
Creazione di CD/DVD di ripristino check check check
Creazione di una immagine di ripristino alle impostazioni originali in una partizione nascosta check
Linux: SUSE, Red Hat, Fedora, Ubuntu, Mandriva check
Applicazione Green (non richiede installazione) check
Supporto Tecnico Gratuito check check check check

“The most user friendly bit of backup gadgetry I have ever seen”

“Must-have! An all-in-one solution that meets your expectations"

"Gives you peace of mind"

"Indispensable tools for backup and restoration"

"Perfect solution for anyone who wants to perform file and drive backups or migrate to a new computer. Total Backup Recovery is powerful and very easy to use!"

"Ensures drive/partition imaging backup, disk cloning, and files backup"

"Da installare e certamente da non disinstallare!"

"You can undo unwanted operations"

"Does it well, with a simple interface and stability"

"Allows users to save a considerable amount of time and storage space"

"Useful when you upgrade your PC"

"We like the possibility to launch the program outside of Windows"

"Here is a solution that has the particularity to work without installing it on the computer"

"Uno dei software di drive imaging e backup più facili da usare presenti sul mercato"

Five big stars *****

We are an IT consultant outfit in Westchester, NY. Recently, we had a PC with a (40GB) hard drive going bad. It was still up and running, but it was making clicking noises on and off. We connected a new 80GB HDD as secondary to the Primary HD for cloning. We initially tried to clone it with Norton Ghost but it kept on "crashing" during the cloning process. Next, we tried it with HD Clone Pro. It was very slow and it was not able to resize the new hard drive. After no success, we tried Total Backup Recovery. We installed it and cloned the drive with the resize HDD enabled. We are VERY HAPPY to say that it did the job for us. We will definitely recommend to all our customers because it's inexpensive and it does the job as advertised. Five big stars ***** Thank you.

Y. J. Chen

Your Program Recovered 5 Years Of Effort

One day I was working on a program which I had been writing on for the last 5 years, when all of a sudden my computer got a virus that completely erased my personal documents, including the program I had been writing. I was in a panic until I remembered I have installed Farstone's Total Backup Recovery. So I opened TBR and it successfully recovered everything. Thank you Farstone, your program recovered 5 years of effort.

Aidan Matson

Excellent product

Everything went perfectly. I made my first back up and restore on 10/02/10 - excellent product. Many thanks!

Michael Peterson

Great tool!

I have been a customer since I received a demo of RestoreIT on one of my graphic card's companion CDs. When TotalRecovery Pro came out, I upgraded in order to back up my Vista Business OS installation. So, the first thing I did was create a fresh complete backup image (password protected) -with just the needed drivers and the available OS updates to date- and save it into a bootable DVD (I love this option) with the universal feature on, of course. A couple of weeks after doing that, and as one of my SATA HDs was faulty -didn't know at that time I must admit- my whole system went "no-no", so I had to recover it from scratch. I reformatted my HD, just in case, then inserted the bootable DVD with the complete system image and finally restarted the computer. After TR Pro was loaded into memory, and before the restoration procedure started, I was prompted for my password. So, I entered the password and ... what? wrong password ... noooo! Please tell me this is a joke, where's the camera? Tried again and again but no, still wrong password, so I took a long breath, drunk some water and suddenly, as a lightning bolt strike, it occurred to me... wait! It cannot be ... I'm not that lazybones ... yes! When I first created the password I forgot to turn CAPS LOCK off. So, I entered again the correct password and from that moment on, everything went ok and my whole system was restored nicely. Some weeks later I realized that my HD was faulty -having done some tests- so I bought a new one and used the image DVD again without any problems. Great tool!

Pedro Guida

Your product has saved us in many other ways more than I could ever begin to write about.

We have about 16 CNC machines that keep our remanufacturing shop running. One of the flaws of these CNC machines is that in the area surrounding the computer, the temperature fluctuates, vibration is enviable and power fluctuations happen every time the CNC moves! The computers have been built tough with dampers and power conditioners that could run a server room, but the one thing they forgot about was the hard drive. It is directly over a power vent and endures a pounding on a regular basis. We figured out that when a hard drive goes down we can lose up to $500,000 in loss time and materials that could have been processed. So we decided to convert all of the hard drives over to compact flash drives with the help of an IDE to compact flash adapter. Your program was critical and will continue to be critical to the success of this project, with the help of Total Backup Recovery, we have been able to make backup copies of our CNC's and also transfer the images to the compact flash drive making our situation with the CNC a whole lot more reliable. We have a process in place that takes about 5 hours and we clone every machine once a month to ensure data recoverability. Your product has saved us in many other ways more than I could ever begin to write about. Thanks for making a great product and the A+ support your company has.

Tom McIntyre

It is the easiest to use of all the programs I have used

I use to have True Acronis True Image version 9 approx 2-3 yrs ago--worked great until the first update when every drive including backups were corrupt. Then I changed to Norton Ghost version 10--worked good until I rebuilt my comp with another mother board, it wanted me to update the drivers. Then I thought I would try True Acronis True Image version 10, worked great except this time, it restored drive C and E but not drive D which was the important one with wedding photos on it etc. I have never had this problem in the past. From reading the forums I knew the program is a bit flaky. I restored the photos back by transferring folders and files across, which took quite a while.

Then I saw your program, the forums on it were very good, it is the easiest to use of all the programs I have used, I did the back ups, all good, the snapshot is great have already used it when I deleted an icon by mistake, then the big one restoring drive D worked perfectly, if I happened to lose all the photos, I'd be a dead man.

Nelson Berlinger
Hanover West Ltd

WOW!! I mean I DO expect these features in a commercial/enterprise application... but for home!!

In the IT field I have used software backup and disk cloning software packages like Veritas Netbackup, Acronis, CommVault, Backup Exec, Norton Ghost, Partition Magic Pro, Tapeware, SureStore, and a few others. Some I am more intimate with than others. Some, well its been a long time since using them.

I do realize that some of them have a different purpose. But what I feel is that TotalRecovery Pro can do just about what all of them can do. Some I have been impressed with while others have much to be desired. It was a sinch to install, very intuitve. Being an application developer, I am a very picky person when it comes to software, its UI and ease of use.

I like how easy it is to create images, snapshots, and incremental backups. The interface is so easy to use compared to the other products above. Sheesh.. not to mention.. I don't even have to shut down my PC and its super fast! I have yet to test a restore on another machine however but that feature about loading on a different PC with dissimular hardware.. well that is awesome! I have done quite a bit PC baselining and imaging..and let me tell you.. this seems way easier than SysPreping!! When I emailed you at first.. I didn't even see the brick level backup capability! I just saw that today and was like WOW! I DO expect these features in a commercial/enterprise application... but for home!! I was blown away.

Rest assured, TotalRecovery Pro is now my choice software package for driving image and system backup/restore needs. Keep up the good work!

Thanks again for a great product!! I have been recommending your product to my friends and co-workers!


Avrai la possibilità di utilizzare un software davvero eccezionale

Avrai la possibilità di utilizzare un software davvero eccezionale. We bought both TotalRecovery Pro and TotalRecovery Express. The Radiology IT Group members really liked TotalRecovery Express. While in TotalRecovery Express, we could map our NAS drive, then image the computer to a folder in the NAS. It worked very well both ways. It also worked great (and fast) with an external USB HD. If you could only have a feature in TotalRecovery Express to access system restore points; however, that´s available in TotalRecovery Pro for a few dollars more. The techs especially liked the fact that you could install additional drivers, if needed, right from the TotalRecovery Express menu.

We plan to use TotalRecovery Pro as part of our Rapid Restore program for critical users such as our Finance section and our grants managers. Some of them cannot afford to be down for even 20 minutes. TotalRecovery Pro will help them stay on line and have a fail-safe restore option.

One of our other options is to set up their PCs with dual hard drives. First we clone drive C to drive D, then unplug drive D. If drive C fails, we simply shutdown, switch the connections from drive C to drive C and drive D to drive C which now becomes a data drive. Boot from the new drive C and pull over the latest files from drive D or from our Iron Mountain backup service. Slick! As soon as we determine how many more machines will be involved, I´ll get in touch with you.

Glad to be of service!

Mark Riesenberger
Manager, Desktop Computing
Department of Radiology
Stanford University

Perfect antidote to keeping my personal/home network of computers and memorable family photos backed up

Every three to four months I would spend countless hours re-installing and backing up computers on my home network, until I came across FarStone. Specifically, TotalRecovery Pro, I now have the perfect antidote to keeping my personal/home network of computers and memorable family photos backed up.

However, my favorite feature of TotalRecovery Pro has the system snapshot, which gives me the ability to take any one of my machines back to a perfectly stable and fast running platform (unlike any anti-virus software).

Not only is it great software but the people, specifically tech support, have always respectfully and promptly responded to my computer and software questions and needs within hours of sending an email.

Thanks to everyone at FarStone!

Sean (East Coast, Canada)

It works for me

If you´re looking for a product which is easy to install for data backup or recovery and doesn´t cost a fortune, that is simple to use, to recover “crashed systems” after the virus attacks, wrong driver installs, “blue screen of death” or migrating to new hardware etc, then use TotalRecovery, it works for me. Tech support actually replies to your inquiries within 48 hours as well.


My StarCraft saved

One time I was playing Starcraft when my cat jumps on the keyboard and starts jumping around!! I got mad so I took it outside when I noticed my computer froze. I restarted my computer and I found out my cat clicked uninstall button for the game! (I don't know why I even had that icon.) So I began to rummage around my room when I accidently stepped on my CD. After hours of shouting and anger management (jk:D), I check my computer to see if I could use TotalRecovery to save my disk. It took me minutes before I found my game in some other file. But in the end of the day: the cat got wet, reinstalled my game, killed alot of aliens :D.


Best back up and recovery software on the planet at any price

FarStone´s TotalRecovery is very easy to use, cost effective and it does the job right. I am very happy with FarStone´s TotalRecovery. FarStone´s TotalRecovery is the best back up and recovery software on the planet at any price.

Dale Nugen

In few minutes the computer is back on track

I have 3 kids and their friends keep damaging home computers. They treat computers really bad. After 2 to 4 months the computers became slow and full of problems, unknown software, etc. ...It is time for Farstone to reinstall the image.... in few minutes the computer is back on track, couple more minutes to update software patches. Finally, I get a new computer image and ready for the next challenge. The same process without Farstone could take 1 to 2 days.

Carlos Guzman

An absolute must for protection from disc crashes

The first product I used from FarStone was RestoreIt, which is now incorporated into TotalRecovery Pro. RestoreIt saved my computer on more than one occasion and is so easy to use. TotalRecovery Pro is an absolute must for protection from disc crashes. A whole disc backup takes far less time than some pieces of backup software. Backups can be set to allow for the restore to be made to any other hard drive. Backups can also be kept up to date by using incremental backups (adding all changes to data). The clone feature allows for a complete, fast, and restorable copy of your hard drive. One big advantage of TotalRecovery Pro is the ability to restore a cloned drive to any other hard drive. The Snapshot facility, run on start-up, or any other time, is fast, and easier to use than the Windows version. The support team at FarStone is helpful and speedy in response to inqueries.

Peter (Yorkshire)

Un rapporto qualità/prezzo senza dubbi ottimo

After two hard drive crashes in two months and all that it entails I went searching for a reliable back up system that included not just data but apps as well. A search of the web resulted in what seemed to be two trustworthy software's. Close inspection revealed that TotalRecovery was Un rapporto qualità/prezzo senza dubbi ottimo. Not only was back up offered but cloning as well, together with the ability to schedule work.

After downloading and running I encountered some teething problems of my own making and contacted FarStone support. The answers I received were prompt and easy to understand, and best of all they worked. Because of the first class software and support received I have now upgraded to TotalRecovery Pro which gives even more sophisticated features.

Trevor Hughes

I have recently switched from using Acronis True Image to DriveClone Pro. Why?

I have recently switched from using Acronis True Image to DriveClone Pro. Why? Acronis does not work with modern computer hardware, particularly SATA drives and their Customer Support is sadly and disappointingly, abysmal. I have a number of computers, three with non-SATA drives and my most recent acquisition is a powerful quad core with SATA drives. Acronis True Image worked well with non-SATA computers and it totally failed to work on my newest hardware.

Their newest version, Acronis True Image 2009 will allow one to make backups but will fail when restoring from these backup archives. The Rescue Media (boot disk) generated from their newer version refuses to boot the computer. It takes days for their Customer Support to respond and their stock answer is to provide a customised ISO (which in my case failed). At this time I also discovered a number of my colleagues were having problems with their upgraded Acronis True Image 2009 version in that during back up Acronis True Image deleted their Outlook pst folder!! That indeed is a serious flaw suggesting their products are released without adequate testing! I have since discovered that Acronis´ own user Forum is full of unresolved user woes stretching back a couple of years or more. Had I known of this I would never have bought their product despite the good reviews in computer press. Also, their product does not uninstall cleanly and requires quite an effort to purge registry and other remnants manually.

With the failure of Acronis True Image that I experienced I had to search for a disk image backup/restore solution that actually works on modern hardware. I am indeed glad that I discovered TotalRecovery Pro, which just fits the bill. The boot disk works. The backup and restore processes work flawlessly. Their Customer Support is, refreshingly responsive and one is totally reassured when relying on their products. I have found this to be a totally trouble-free experience having switched to TotalRecovery Pro from Acronis True Image.

I would urge and recommend anyone facing problems with Acronis True Image to switch to TotalRecovery Pro and enjoy stress-free disk image backup and restore experience.

Ash Johnson

Thumbs up to Farstone for a great product

Working in the IT support sector I realized that I was guilty of not properly backing up my own home computer. I was fairly certain I wanted to be able to create a snapshot of my entire hard drive in case of a catastrophic hardware failure. I didn't want to spend the time loading the OS then loading all the applications and do the countless configuration settings. While doing internet searches for such a backup solution I found Farstone TotalRecovery. It appeared to be just what I was looking for and was quite affordable. I compared user reviews and found many people liked the power and simplicity of the product. After downloading the trial version I tried it out and must agree that TotalRecovery is simple to use and would fulfill all my computer backup needs. The Windows PE interface that TotalRecovery uses is much better than the older Pre-OS (DOS-mode) used previously for a recovery boot. BTW, I did have to contact Farstone support for an issue I had and found the support very fast and they quickly worked through my issue. Thumbs up to Farstone for a great product.

IT professional
  • Quali trial gratuite del software sono disponibili?
    FarStone Technology è felice di offrire una versione trial gratuita della validità di 14 giorni per i prodotti PC System Recovery. E' disponibile per il download una versione con funzionalità limitate nella sezione “free trial tab” della pagina dedicata a PC Recovery. Una volta finito il tempo di prova, le immagini di backup verranno cancellate.

  • Come posso ottenere supporto?
    In caso si avesse necessità di supporto per qualsiasi prodotto Farstone, fare riferimento alla guida utente presente sul sito. Nel caso in cui non fosse comunque possibile risolvere la problematica, è possibile aprire un ticket al supporto tecnico Farstone.

  • Quanto tempo impiega PC System Recovery per effettuare il backup o il ripristino del sistema?
    Dipende dalla quantità dei dati presenti.

  • Ci sono alcuni suggerimenti su cosa fare prima di lanciare il backup?
    E' raccomandato di lanciare il comando CheckDisk di Windows per individuare eventuali errori presenti sul disco. CheckDisk può essere lanciato digitando Chkdsk.exe sulla linea di comando.

  • Come sono licenziati i prodotti Farstone?
    Ogni prodotto è licenziato per postazione, a meno che non vi sia specifica differente indicazione ( ad esempio in caso di licenze in bundle). Per PC Recovery, si può risparmiare acquistando un bundle per 10 licenze. Se si vuole installare e attivare il prodotto su un numero di macchine superiore al numero di licenze, é necessario acquistare licenze aggiuntive.

  • E' necessario seguire una check-list prima di installare PC Recovery?
    1. PC Recovery supporta il file system FAT32 (L'ultima partizione sul disco dovrebbe essere NTFS) e NTFS. E' comunque consigliato utilizzare un file system NTFS viste le limitazioni del file system FAT32.
    2. Se si usa un file system NTFS, procedere al punto 3. E' possibile effettuare la conversione da FAT o FAT32 a NTFS, tale conversione lascia tutti i files presenti nella partizione intatti. Per effettuare la conversione utilizzare il comando convert. La sua sintassi è convert x: /fs: NTFS dove x è la lettera del drive assegnata alla partizione da convertire.
    3. Prima di installare PC Recovery, essere sicuri che l'ultima partizione sul disco abbia sufficiente spazio libero e tutte le installazioni richieste e drivers sono stati installati. PC Recovery creerà una immagine completa come Factory Backup Image. Questa immagine di backup conterrà il sistema operativo, le applicazioni,i files, le impostazioni, e verrà archiviata in una partizione protetta e nascosta.

Sistemi Operativi supportati

checkWindows XP SP3

checkWindows XP Pro x64 Edition

checkWindows Vista (all editions)

checkWindows 7 (all editions)

checkWindows 2003 (all editions)

checkWindows 2008 (all editions)

Prerequisiti di sistema

check CD-RW/DVD-RW drive per la creazione dei supporti di boot

check Mouse o altro strumento di puntamento

check 512 MB RAM (1G RAM raccomandato)

check Almeno 10 GB di spazio libero

File System supportati

check FAT32(L'ultima partizione deve essere NTFS), NTFS

Riconoscimenti per DriveClone Pro

More to the point, Drive Clone Pro still gives me everything that I decided I liked in the old Restore IT product, but added some features that has me scratching my head wondering why I so rarely see these features in their competitor’s products. By Brian Chee, InfoWorld - Oct 20, 2007

WOW... Quanto tempo risparmiato!!!”

DriveClone’s Got Your Backup

“Uno dei software di drive imaging e backup più facili da usare presenti sul mercato."

FarStone Introduces Low-Cost Backup Software for SMBs

“Un prodotto ben fatto.”

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